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Completed Club Teams

2022-2023 MLA Central Club Team

Looking to build on last year's successful Fall Season, it's time for the 2022-2023 edition of the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy Central HS Club Team !!!

Until now, there have not been advanced play lacrosse opportunities in Central Minnesota. Not anymore. Time to accelerate your skill set via experienced coaches, raise your level of play and technique through past and present Collegiate D1, D2 and D3 players and it is certainly time to 'Close the Gap' with schools in the Twin Cities. How about having a player from Becker, Sartell/Sauk Rapids, Rocori, St. Cloud or maybe even Monticello, Brainerd, STMA, be a MSHSL Section 8 First Team selection..?!?  Or better yet, earning a collegiate athletic scholarship. Can't happen? Guess again. If you have the desire to play collegiate lacrosse at an elite level, there will be college waiting for you. There has never been a better opportunity so if you are willing, the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy is ready to help make it happen!!!

Minnesota Lacrosse Academy Team Registration

Minnesota Lacrosse Academy Team Registration Fall 2022 through Summer 2023 

Team Fees (2022-2023)

  • The Fall/Summer Team Fee is $ 150.00 per player; The Winter Team Fee is $ 200.00 per player. Payments must be made prior to the start of each season

This team fee does NOT include any tournament fees, which are variable and change based on location, format, tournament style, etc. Team fees cover yearly expenses like field rental, club and team administration, uniforms, practices, insurance, coaching stipends, office equipment & supplies, legal & accounting costs, college recruiting assistance, web site administration and many more...

Note: The team fee includes a practice pinney; Team Uniform (Reversible jersey & skirt) can be purchased or leased.

Practices are held on Sundays in the Fall (College of St. Benedict) & Winter (St. John's University Dome) with an anticipated 6 practices in the Fall, 4-5 in the Winter and 10-12 in the Summer, approximating 35-40 hours of advanced lacrosse training. This includes fundamental skill development and advanced lacrosse strategies, combined with scrimmaging applications that you can incorporate into elevating your lacrosse ascendancy.

Minnesota Lacrosse Academy Q & A

Established in 2011, the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy (MLA) was formed to accelerate the development of the emerging female lacrosse player. Through the 3D triad of "Desire, Dedication and Discipline" the MLA partners with any student-athlete, focusing initially on fundamentals, then transitioning to advanced lacrosse techniques to hone your lacrosse skills for post-high school participation. As with any developmental program, there is no guarantee of athletic scholarship. However, the combination of player, coach and experienced personnel will allow every MLA program participant the maximum opportunity to excel and succeed, not just today, but in the future and eventually, life. Thus, "Prepare to Engage and Expect to Soar" with the MLA.

What opportunities exist within the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy?

There will be one High School Club Team for the 2022-2023 Club Season to facilitate acceleration your lacrosse development. If needed, the team will have a traveling roster and a limited non-traveling roster, thereby creating flexibility for travel, while affording every player an opportunity to advance via scrimmages, games, play days, etc. So be prepared to commit time, mostly on Sundays, from September 2022 through July 2023, whether it be practice or tournament games, thereby maximizing your face time with Club Coaches and more importantly, College Coaches.

How does the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy select it's teams?

Primary focus is on knowledge of lacrosse fundamentals and application. Next, is a combination of lacrosse acumen, desire to learn and be coachable and athletic prowess. Although individual ability and success is within your control, playing amongst your peers with respect and teamwork is expected and celebrated.

What are the costs to participate?

The 2022-2023 MLA Team Fees are per season and cover field rental, coaching fees, equipment, uniforms, referee fees, team supplies, website administration and college counseling/recruitment assistance. All players receive multiple tangible and intangible benefits in addition to the "Best valued lacrosse experience in Minnesota". All travel-related costs (regional or national tournaments, outstate scrimmages/play days) are borne by the player. These costs include tournament participation fees, airfare/bus, ground transportation, hotel and all meals, beverages and inter-meal snacks. A local (Midwest) tournament package cost ranges from $ 500.00 to $ 750.00, while national travel (read: Air) ranges from $ 750.00 to $ 1,000.00. You will be apprised of the approximate costs for each tournament selected, so you can plan well in advance. Last, there may be fundraising opportunities for anyone interested in defraying some of these expenses.

How many traveling players and non-traveling players per team?

Currently, the MLA will field a traveling roster at 20 players in addition to 5 non-traveling roster spots. Our desire is to afford the traveling roster maximum playing time at tournaments, given the commitment and additional monetary expense involved. Conversely, the non-traveling roster will be given maximum playing time in-state and if for any reason, a traveling player is unable to do so, the chance to travel will be open to any non-traveling player, subject to all traveling player costs. All MLA coaches and personnel have balanced this situation as players and parents, thus we are hyper-sensitive to "maximizing play-minimizing cost".

Minnesota Lacrosse Academy Team Policies

Established in 2011, the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy (MLA) was formed to accelerate the development of the emerging female youth and high school lacrosse player. MLA players compete against club teams in local, regional and national tournaments. Through the 3D triad of Desire, Dedication and Discipline, the entire MLA staff is focused in guiding student-athletes, both on and off the field. There are no shortcuts to success and as a result, the importance of accountability, honesty, integrity, leadership, teamwork and commitment is required by players and parents. This commitment is a shared trust with high level coaching, demanding practices & scrimmages, culminating with the opportunity to compete against and with many of the best lacrosse players across the country.

Team Policies

  • Each player must be evaluated every year for the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy. Prior team membership is not a guarantee of future team membership.

  • Each player is encouraged to attend as many practices and tournaments as possible, in order to fully appreciate their family investment and completely realize their lacrosse potential. The MLA understands life is busy and as a result, does not require participation at any practice or tournament. However, the player that succeeds in our program will come to recognize their advancement as a lacrosse player and overall athletic development is directly proportionate to their commitment to the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy.

  • Successful players are committed, responsible and proactive. MLA coaches reciprocate-in-kind, yet hold each player accountable for their actions and decisions, both on and off the field. If unable to attend an MLA event of any type (practice, scrimmage, game) it is the responsibility of the player to notify the MLA by email, text, and/or in person, why they are unable to attend.

  • MLA staff will post a practice/scrimmage/game schedule online and if a change needs to occur or if weather is a factor, players and families will be notified via all electronic means available, including the MLA website.

  • There are two types of fees to be aware of Team & Tournament. The Team Membership Fee includes field fees, uniforms, practices, scrimmages, coaching stipends, office and web site administration, insurance, professional, utility, college preparation, and other operating expenses. Upon acceptance to the MLA, the team fee must be paid in full and received prior to the start of Fall tournaments. Any player whose team fee has not been received will not be rostered for any tournament. No refunds will be given for any reason for the MLA Team Membership Fee.

Tournament Fees are separate from the annual team membership fee. Families are responsible for all travel arrangements and costs when applicable. Tournament fees vary and are based on tournament entry fees, roster requirements, coaching stipends. As a result, MLA tournament fees are non-refundable and there are no exceptions, including personal conflict, player illness/injury. Planning for a tournament is a time consuming exercise, balancing player expenses and the quality of tournament selected for maximum advantage.

  • The Minnesota Lacrosse Academy will provide player and parent guidance and support regarding the college search and selection process. MLA staff are a tremendous resource for adhering to NCAA regulations and compliance, while you are evaluating post-secondary education academic and athletic opportunities. MLA staff are ready to assist in any way possible, but eventual college selection starts and ends with the player, including communicating with college coaches, visiting colleges and all applicable follow up.

  • Players are not permitted to participate on more than one traveling/club lacrosse programs which conflicts with the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy.

Tournament Policies

  • It is the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy's expectation that players attend as many tournaments, primarily in the Summer, to maximize their opportunity within the program. Please note that if you take a roster spot on a team, regular or tournament, and do not take attendance seriously, it is grossly unfair to your coaches and teammates. Should a conflict arise between your High School and the MLA, your first commitment will always be to your High School.

  • Tournament registration must be completed online ( for all Fall, Winter and Summer tournaments. Deadlines must be followed to be eligible, including completing roster and waiver forms, per tournament rules. If a deadline is missed, a player will only be added if roster space is available. Players will not be put on a final tournament roster until all necessary payments have been received by the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy in full.

  • All travel and lodging for tournaments are the responsibility of the player/family. However, the MLA will secure your logistical itinerary, if requested AND paid in full, before departure. A dedicated tournament logistics page will be online for your perusal, but often, changes occur, sometimes right up to departure, thus checking and verifying travel information is paramount. The MLA will attempt to keep all program players apprised of any/all changes, furnishing updates as needed.

  • All tournament information will be posted online, but game schedules are not posted until finalized. Even then, changes occur, so the MLA will do it's best to keep everyone apprised, especially if changes occur at the tournament venue itself, once an MLA team has arrived. Updates will be posted as often as necessary.

  • Players are expected to arrive at the tournament fields one hour prior to the first scheduled game, unless notified otherwise and 45 minutes before each subsequent game, unless notified by the coach. Players should always arrive in full uniform, ready to participate.

  • Each player will receive playing time. However, the amount of playing time will be solely at the direction of the coach. As the Minnesota Lacrosse Academy continues to expand, it will attend tournaments with a variety of competition levels. If attending a recruiting tournament, coaches will attempt to give all players an equal share of playing time. If attending a participation tournament, the emphasis will be on providing exposure to an advanced level of lacrosse in a fun, non-pressurized environment. If attending a championship-format tournament, the competitive nature of playing is such that it benefits the entire program if MLA teams perform well and playing time will be determined with a focus on winning.

  • MLA coaches will not always be assigned to specific teams at tournaments. Every coach has a different style, but values any player that is willing to work hard and follow direction. In addition, players must be able to adapt, in some cases on a moment's notice, to anything on or off the field; coaches are no different.

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